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Digital marketing service providers

Your Website is your Calling Card! Just like a Calling Card......

A website is the window into your company’s services, quality, work ethics and most importantly your contact details. When you receive a card that is printed on high quality paper and embossed with intricate designs and bold yet beautiful letter formats your curiosity gets the better of you and you become interested to know this person. The exact same thing happens when a potential customer lands on your website and marvels at the beauty and at the same time finds it easier to navigate through the pages with ease. This arouses the curiosity to know more about your company which in turn transforms into the desire to work with you.

SAR Software is recognised by Industry watchers as one of the major players in the Web Development and Digital Marketing segment which it has dominated purely on the basis of its Quality and Cost Effectiveness. We have a team of passionate individuals that are considered to be the Creme de La Creme of the Talent Pool available in the market today. Want to know more. Contact Us..

Our Awesome Team

Sugyan Swain

Sugyan Kumar Swain

Business Head

Engineer from BPUT,Rourkela,B.Tech(IT).

He uses his wide areas of software application development. He like to interact different people from different sector.

Olivia Marica


HR and Operational Executive

Role and Responsibility to Develop HR policies for the Organisation,Such as Requirtment Of Employess ,Arrangement Of Training and Orientation Program .performance Apprisal of Employees in each Financial Year.